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Diabetic Footcare

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Do you have diabetes? Do you experience numbness or pain in your lower legs or feet, or do you have sores on your feet that don’t seem to heal properly?  Diabetes (hyperglycemia), is a disease in which people have trouble keeping their blood glucose normal. When a person with diabetes has trouble controlling their high blood sugar, it decreases the effectiveness of their immune system and they have a difficult time fighting infection. This health complication has a direct impact on the diabetic’s feet, in particular due to peripheral artery disease (lack of circulation) and peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling).


How Do I Take Care of My Feet If I Have Diabetes?

For people with diabetes, ulcers and wounds that do not heal properly, fungal infections, ingrown or brittle toenails, corns, calluses, hammertoes, athlete’s foot, and cracked or dry skin are common. Even everyday activities, such as walking, can cause issues in the feet of a diabetic, as the bones, joints, and skin are affected by the condition. Proper footcare is essential. We recommend that you do the following to protect your feet:

  • Keep them warm and dry, especially ensuring that the skin between your toes stays dry
  • Keep your feet clean and moisturized (do not lotion between your toes)
  • Wear slippers or shoes at all times to avoid injuries
  • Wear cushioned socks that do not rub

Because people with diabetes lose circulation and experience numbness in their feet, they can be injured without realizing that the injury has happened. Because the healing process takes longer, the injured foot can become infected quickly. Gangrene, or dead tissue, can develop, causing bacterial infections that may result in amputation of the affected areas.

When Should I Seek Treatment?

If you have diabetes are you are concerned about the condition of your feet, or if you have ulcers or sores that are not healing, you should seek treatment immediately. It is important that diabetics seek podiatric care on a regular basis to prevent foot problems that can easily get out of control. A podiatrist will ensure proper foot care, from maintenance to the treatment of any developing problems. Any foot problem should be immediately addressed in a diabetic to avoid serious complications. Give South Shore Foot Care a call at (516) 374-3668 to schedule a consultation for any kind of foot pain you might be experiencing. 

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