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Avoiding Gout Flareups During the Holidays

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Gout is an incredibly painful inflammatory arthritis disorder than can be quite debilitating. People who have gout can attest to the intense pain that often comes in the night where even the touch of a sheet is too much to bear. Normally attacking the joint in the big toe and other joints in the foot, a gout attack occurs when too much uric acid builds up. Diet is one of the most important methods for controlling gout attacks and avoiding gout flareups during the holidays requires mindfulness about what you consume.


The Hidden Holiday Culprit: Alcohol

Alcohol is a big trigger for gout attacks. As you head to holiday parties and celebrations, be mindful of the amount of alcohol you consume, especially beer. A small amount of alcohol is acceptable for some people, but for others, even one beer can be enough to trigger a gout attack depending on other factors at play. Be sure when you drink alcohol to also increase how much water you consume.

Purine-Rich Foods

Purine-rich foods are responsible for an increase in uric acid in the body. These foods include many types of seafood, especially anchovies and sardines, shellfish like mussels, as well as tuna. Organ meats, veal, and wild game meats are also high in purine. Tomatoes and spinach are also high in purines and can be triggers for some people. Turkey is also a high-purine food, so at Thanksgiving, a small portion of turkey accompanied by safer side dishes like potatoes, vegetables, and stuffing, can be beneficial.


Around the holidays, between hosting guests and shopping for gifts, stress levels rise. Stress is an enormous gout trigger. Finding ways to minimize stress can help you get through the holidays without a gout flareup. Meditate, take breaks, exercise, and ask for help when you need it.

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